A downloadable Cutish 2.4.2 for Windows

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Cutish is a game of the genre Myst-Like. The puzzles are varied, neither easy nor very difficult. The progression of the game is logical and the history of its former inhabitants will undoubtedly fascinate you. Let yourself be carried away by the hidden mysteries of Cutish Island.

Works with Windows  64 bits - DX12

Note about the demo:
The purpose of the demo is to find the code that opens the door of the warehouse.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, enigmes, ile, island, myst, myst-like
Average sessionDays or more
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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I bought the game in 2019 and it was a nice, Myst-like game but then you started to add those stupid random puzzle to it, in the Myst games there is not a single stupid random puzzle.

Yesterday I started a new playthrough and in 5 min. I 've got already 3 stupid random puzzles, I know that there are more in the game but for me there is no fun to play this game anymore.

It was a nice game but now it is a horrible game, I won't play it again because of those stupid random puzzles.

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les énigmes sont toujours présentes dans les Myst-Like. Je n'ai pas dit que c'était un Myst 100%. Je me suis inspiré de l'ambiance c'est tout. Mais qu'attends tu trouver dans ce jeu ? Ton avis m'interresse beaucoup car je travaille depuis 3 mois sur un nouveau jeu bien plus vaste.

When I first played the game the puzzles were good, you had to find clues, keys and that sort of things. When I replayed the game a year later there were a couple of those random clicking puzzles to open boxes to find things you need. 2 days ago I wanted to replay the game and within the first 5 minutes I had 3 of those random clicking puzzles, that is too much so I stopped playing and I will not play that game again because of those kind of puzzles.

I love puzzles, the good ones, they may be difficult, hard to find clues, logical but these puzzles you can solve with thinking, combine things, deducting, observe. 

You don't need randomly clicking to solve puzzles.

That is what we want in good adventure games, it don't have to be that super logical like the Rhem games but if the puzzles are like that then it is oke by us.

Merci pour ce retour, je tiendrais compte de vos conseils.

version 2.4.2 minors updates and Music On/Off

version 2.4.1 minor updates

version 2.4.0d - minor updates

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version 2.4.0a

Added an additional scene. This scene does not contain any enigma but explains how the island manages energy. There are a lot of animations to trigger.

You can do the whole story without using this scene.

Version 2.3.7i

improved mouse movements


Why so many deleted comments?

C'était juste pour faire de la place sur la page.


Well but we all can see those deleted comments so it looks extremely off...

A wonder of adventures. Its so underrated


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Bonjour Monsieur Stigma. Merci pour ce jeu. J'ai gand besoin de votre aide. Dans ma version, la page trouvée sur la terrasse est vierge, j'ai tellement cherché que je me dis que ce qui me bloque est évidemment cela. Pourriez me confirmer si cela est normal ou pas, et si ça ne l'est pas, comment faire pour enfin voir ce qui devrait être vu.

Par ailleurs, j'ai tellement cherché que j'ai réussit à monter sur balcon (où il y a le plateau du puzzle) en partant du plan d'eau et en traversant le sol du balcon. 

A bientôt 

Merci Double H, je vais corriger ça

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